A Day in the Life

…or, more accurately – a morning in the life. There are days when I leave the house feeling like I have it all together: worked out, dressed child, sipping hot coffee, not manically rushing to the train. Then, there are mornings like today. But these days are fleeting and even on the craziest of days […]

Thoughts at 34 Weeks

I’m not normally one to harp on pregnancy. I mean really, I actually go the opposite and sort of avoid talking about it. Which is only marginally awkward since it is (quite literally, though pun intended) the elephant in the room. But nonetheless, I’m recapping a couple of my current thoughts to re-read for when […]

Book Club 2016 I

To the poor man next to the sobbing pregnant woman on last Wednesday’s cross country flight to LA, I am so sorry. I’m sure you were slightly concerned…  I know it’s only January 18 but I’m calling it right now: this book will remain in my top 3 for the year if not be THE best […]

Contentment versus Complacency

Contentment versus Complacency

One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about at the start of this New Year has been the idea of contentment. If you’re on ANY social media platform then you likely can’t help but be inundated with messages of positivity, encouragement, motivation, etc. And those are awesome. Truly. But one thing I noticed, especially at […]

New Years Resolutions, 3 Year Old Style

I don’t necessarily believe in making resolutions for myself and prefer things like intentions and vision boards instead, but inspired by Insta2YearOld, J has some resolutions of her own that we’re making for the new year. Word of the Year: Focus. Have you ever seen those old Family Circus cartoons where Billy walks from Point A […]